OSLR reader: the two-in-one dosimeter reader and annealer


The OSLR reader is part of LANDAUER® complete laboratory dosimetry solution using OSL technology. OSLR performs both reading and annealing process with very high throughput.


Four versions of OSLR are proposed to adapt to the number of workers being monitored in your lab. Upgrading loader capacity during product life time is designed to be simple.

For small laboratory, the manual reader OSLR1 is now proposed.

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Technical specifications

OSLR readers are designed for use with InLight® dosimeters for whole body, environmental and emergency response monitoring as well as the new ONYX ring and TOPAZ lens of eye dosimeters..

It is connected to an external PC with menu-driven IRAS software. The IRAS software provide control over reader setup, dosimeter analysis, maintenance and database management.

High quality components are used for durability and to insure repetitive and long-term performances.

The OSLR is delivered with a kit of dedicated dosimeters to perform the reader calibration and quality control insuring long term repetitive performances.

Landauer accompagnement

LANDAUER provides a comprehensive service

  • advising you the right solutions fitting your requirement
  • delivery and setting up on site
  • training to the operation and first level maintenance
  • on site and factory maintenance
  • telephone and email hotline

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