InLight®: OSL-based dosimeter badge


InLight dosimeter badge provides X, gamma and beta radiation monitoring with Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technology.

InLight can be used for occupational, area, environmental and emergency radiological monitoring, in any kind of facilities. More than 2 million workers in the world are monitored daily with OSL LANDAUER dosimeter badges:

  • Ready to use
  • Robust, compact and lightweight dosimeter badge
  • Fully personalised and customisable

LANDAUER dosimetry laboratory solution includes InLight dosimeter badges, readers, annealers, software and so on.

Download the technical file

Technical specifications

Type of measured radiation Result of the InLight dosimeter
Photons Beta
Personal dose equivalent Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) Hp(0.07)
Dose range 0.05 mSv to 10 Sv
Linearity response 0.05 mSv to 10 Sv – Standard deviation < 5 %
Measurement reproducibility < 5 %
Energy response (mean energy) 16 keV to 6 MeV (Emax = 18 MeV) 250 keV to 1 MeV (Emax = 2.2 MeV)
Energy dependency Weak, < 11 % from 16 keV at 6 MeV
Angular response
(horizontal and vertical angles)
± 60° from 16 keV ± 45° from 250 keV
Angular dependency Excellent – Average deviation < 6 %*
Fading < 1.5 % / month
Neutrons detection Insensitive to neutrons

* Results expressed in absorbed dose

Landauer accompagnement

LANDAUER provides a comprehensive service

  • advising you the right solutions fitting your requirement
  • delivery and setting up on site
  • training to the operation and first level maintenance
  • on site and factory maintenance
  • telephone and email hotline

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