Dosimetry services

Dosimetry services

LANDAUER dosimetry services ensure accurate and reliable staff monitoring and precise dose measurements in any environment where there is potential exposure to ionising radiations. We offer a complete dosimetry service:

  • the manufacture of various types of radiation detectors with OSL, TLD and CR-39 technologies
  • the distribution and collection of the dosimeters to and from clients
  • the analysis in our ISO 17025 approved dosimetry laboratory
  • the reporting and record keeping of personal doses

A global solution of dosimetry services

We’re Global and we act Local.
Our worldwide customers benefit our technology and expertise in dosimetry services.
Thanks to our 10 worldwide laboratories and offices spread on 5 continents, we are closer to our customers. We endeavor to adapt our services to the local requirement helping our customers to remain compliant and their staff safe.

LANDAUER’s radiation dosimetry services are approved and accredited in many countries such US (NVLAP), Fr (ASN and COFRAC), UK (HSE), Canada (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission), Belgium (FANC).


A golbal solution of dosimetry services


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LANDAUER provides a comprehensive range of dosimetry services to monitor all body zones and all radiations that international recommendation and national regulations require to monitor:

  • whole body dosimeters with IPLUS that are generally worn on the chest. It is also suitable for wrist and ankle monitoring and integrate an optional neutron detector
  • extremity dosimeters with the MONORING dosimeter on the finger
  • lens of eye dosimeters with VISION dosimeter generally worn behind the safety glass or visor

The on-line dose management platform LANDAUER Direct allows you to self-administrate your dosimetry subscription contract.