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With over 70 years of continuous industry service, LANDAUER is today recognised for its expertise and innovation in radiation detection as well as the quality of its customer support.

LANDAUERS offers a full range of integrated and innovative solutions for legal dosimetry monitoring. LANDAUER provides tools and support to organizations with potential exposure to ionizing radiation, helping them to comply with radiation protection regulations.

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology enables accurate and reliable dose measurements for occupational radiation monitoring, area and environmental monitoring.

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With over 100 000 customers worldwide, LANDAUER is the market leader in providing healthcare and industry professionals with high-end dosimetry services and equipment solutions to measure and analyze the doses received by workers.


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LANDAUER helps RSO (Radiation Safety Officers) managing their dosimetry program.

Our customer service, qualified sales consultants and experts in radiation protection helps you to propose the best solutions to fit your needs and manage your dosimetry contract.

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LANDAUER solutions covers a wide range of applications in passive dosimetry services.

They are organized around three commitments.

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LANDAUER 60 years of history

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LANDAUER history begins in 1954, with Robert S. LANDAUER, Jr awareness of the inherent radiation hazards of the developing nuclear medicine and nuclear energy industries. The Company starts then to provide radiation dosimetry services.

LANDAUER has been working closely with both customers and government organisations to develop best practices in the development of occupational and public health and safety regulations.

LANDAUER’s contributions to the field of dosimetry services have grown in scope, developing new detection and monitoring technologies that became the reference in the industry such as:


In 2017, Fortive, a diversified industrial growth company comprised of Professional Instrumentation and Industrial Technologies businesses, acquired LANDAUER. LANDAUER is part of Fluke Biomedical in Fortive.