Calibration and quality control kits


To insure the OSLR1 and OSLR reader calibrations and performances, LANDAUER delivers calibration and quality control kits.
A kit consists of irradiated dosimeters and the corresponding dose certificates.

Calibration of the reader is carried out by reading the calibration dosimeter. The reader must be calibrated at least once a year.

A kit of quality control dosimeters and a calibration kit of are proposed.

Technical specifications

Composition Characteristics
1 InLight kit
137Cs calibrated
1 calibration kit, 137Cs calibrated InLight Energy: 662 keV
15 InLight, 3 detectors at each dose: 0 mSv, 100 mSv,
500 mSv, 5,000 Sv
1 quality control kit, 137Cs calibrated InLight Energy: 662 keV
15 InLight: 3 detectors at 0 mSv, 12 detectors at 5 mSv
Landauer accompagnement

LANDAUER provides a comprehensive service

  • advising you the right solutions fitting your requirement
  • delivery and setting up on site
  • training to the operation and first level maintenance
  • on site and factory maintenance
  • telephone and email hotline

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