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Workers, such as those in nuclear power plant workers and hospitals, the radiographers are exposed to radiation.

According to UNSCEAR, about 23 million workers worldwide are monitored for exposure to ionizing radiation. Among them, 10 million are monitored for exposure to artificial sources. Radiation doses range from few mSv (natural background dose) to several Sv (accident) a year.

National regulations based on ICRP recommendations and IAEA guidance, impose the companies who employ exposed workers to provide them with legal dosimeters. Those dosimeters will be generally sourced from ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories. Those laboratories will provide them with dosimetry services known as “legal or passive dosimetry”.

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Dosimetry laboratory equipment

Architecture of a laboratory

Dosimeters are usually worn on the chest to monitor the whole-body dose. There are also specialist types that can be worn on the fingers, wrist, ankles, near lens of eye if those parts of the body may be potentially highly exposed.

National regulations may also impose or recommend area dose monitoring at the work place and environmental dose monitoring around the facility.

LANDAUER offers you a complete dosimetry laboratory equipment solution. It covers all manufacturing and processing for dosimeters with a wide range of equipment such as: badges, readers, annealers, software…

Because we use it for our own dosimetry laboratories and provide dosimetry services to about 2 million individuals globally, we understand your need.
With our solution and our support, you will get more easily and more quickly your ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.