nanoDot® single point dose measurement


The nanoDot dosimeter is an ideal solution for dose verification in radiation oncology and other point dose measurement applications such as radiation protection of workers and patients as well as PCB during X-ray inspection. Thanks to the OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence) technology, it brings the following benefits:

  • quick set up on the patient
  • can be reused several times after annealing
  • temperature, energy and angular independent

It can be read within few seconds using a microSTARii or microStar®  reader.

nanoDot® Recall Notice

microSTAR® Recall Notice     microSTARii® Recall Notice

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Technical specifications

The nanoDot dosimeter can be placed in few seconds anywhere on the body or the PCB board and strapped. It is wireless and radiolucent.

Type of radiation Measurement range Minimum value Maximum value
Photons (X and gamma rays) From 15 keV to 25 MeV 0.05 mGy* 13 Gy*
Beta > 250 keV 0.05 mGy* 13 Gy*

* Results expressed in absorbed dose

Landauer accompagnement

LANDAUER provides a comprehensive service

  • advising you the right solutions fitting your requirement
  • delivery and setting up on site
  • training to the operation and first level maintenance
  • on site and factory maintenance
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