Why update my reader to OSLR?

Why update my reader to OSLR?

You already use OSL technology and you appreciate its accuracy and ease of use.

Discover the new generation of OSLR readers compatible with extremity and lens of eye dosimeters

OSLR benefits

  • A full range of dosimeters suitable for wholebody, area, lens of eye and extremity dosimetry
    Compatible with MP7 sensors for ONYX® ring and TOPAZ® lens of eye dosimeters as well as all INLIGHT® dosimeters for personnal and area monitoring
  • A complete lab solution in a compact size
  • Scalability from 50 to 700 InLight dosimeters reading in one process
  • Fast reader throughput of 300 dosimeters / hour
  • Quality, simplicity and reliability

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Discover the performances of the P-OSL technology

The former generation of Auto-Reader were based on Continuous-Waves Optically Stimulated Luminescence (CW-OSL) technology. Those readers (the A200 and A500 InLight readers) are no longer manufactured since April 2020. LANDAUER continue to support and service these units until April 2025.

The OSLR reader uses a novel integrated and compact Optical Engine that utilizes a High-Powered Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Pulsed Optically Stimulated Luminescence (P-OSL) technology to achieve better separation between the optical stimulation spectra (green region: λ=532 nm) and luminescence emission spectra (blue region: λ=420 nm), resulting in superior signal to noise performance in comparison to CW-OSL methods that rely on optical filtration alone to achieve this separation.

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Which solutions to update your OSL reader?

Three OSLR readers are offered with INLIGHT dosimeters using LANDAUER OSL technology.

Those readers perform both reading and annealing process with higher throughput. The dose is reported quickly and more easily than other technologies. The readers, OSLR 50, OSLR 250 and OSLR 700, can manage respectively 50, 250 and 700 dosimeters in a single and fully automated process. It allows you to adapt to the number of monitored participants in your organization. The readers can easily be upgraded to a higher loader capacity to accommodate evolving needs.

Only OSLR can read the ONYX OSL ring and TOPAZ OSL lens of eye dosimeters which use the new generation of OSL sensor: MP7 OSL sensor.

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MP7 OSL sensor

MP7 OSL sensor

MP7 OSL sensor

Ring and lens of eye dosimeters use a novel near tissue equivalent MP7 OSL sensor made of Al2O3:C crystal.
The dose is measured using the OSLR readers


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