Why update my reader to OSLR?

ONYX and TOPAZ accessories

To implement an effective ring and lens dosimetry service, LANDAUER offers a full range of accessories compatible with ONYX ring and TOPAZ lens of eye dosimeters and adapted to the use of its OSLR reader.

MP Case and slide

MP Case and slide

The case is compatible with OSLR magazine.

Slide allows insertion of up to 3 MP7 OSL sensor.

MP case and slide loader

Tool to insert:

  • MP7 OSL sensor into the MP slide
  • and the MP slide into the case

For better use, it can be fixed in the work plan. Its position can be adapted according to the workspace and your operator, as shown in the photo to the right.

Dimensions: H83 × W68 × l152 mm
Weight: 0.5 kg




MP7 OSL sensor, case and slide loader



Adaptable to the operator

Adaptable position



MP7 OSL bleacher

MP7 OSL bleacher

The MP7 OSL bleacher can bleach either MP7 OSL sensor alone or in the 3 slots slide. It allows InLight dosimeter to be bleached as well.

Bleaching performances: 2 h annealing / 5 mSv
Dimensions: H260 × W200 × L294 mm
Weight: 9 kg
Power supply: integrated with cable with IEC C13 connector
Maximum power consumed: 100W
aximum illumination: 16,000 lumens

To note: Higher light intensity is required to bleach MP7 OSL sensor than standard InLight detector.

Vacuum pump

Suck the MP7 OSL sensor and allows:

  • insertion in the ONYX cup and TOPAZ receiver,
  • MP slides loading.

Vacuum pump

Barcode reader

Barcode reader

Barcode reader and software to scan ONYX & TOPAZ dosimeters and associate MP7 sensor barcode and position on the 3 slots slide.

The software can be installed on a separate PC. Datas are transferred to IRAS data base.

Model: ZEBRA DS4608
Download the Quick Started Guide

QC and CC sets (single use)

MP7 OSL sensors set for Quality Check (QC)

  • 137Cs
  • 15 MP7 sensors: 3 for dose 0 mSv and 12 for 10 mSv

MP7 OSL sensors calibration set for Calibration Check (CC)

  • 137Cs
  • 27 sensors: 9 each for dose 0; 10; 1000 mSv

QC and CC sets

Cup and MP7 insertion tool

COMING SOON – Cup and MP7 insertion tool

Tool to insert MP7 OSL sensor and cup in ONYX ring holder.