Why update my reader to OSLR?

Cycle of ONYX and TOPAZ dosimeters production and analysis

LANDAUER provides you with all necessary tools to upgrade your lab with ONYX ring and TOPAZ lens of eye dosimetry services

Equipment cycle ONYX TOPAZ
  1. Assign the dosimeter
    Associate dosimeter holder and MP7 detector and assign it to a worker.
  2. Dosimeter assembly
    Insert MP7 sensor in ONYX and TOPAZ holders.
    Option : tool to insert MP7 OSL sensor and cup in ONYX ring holder.
  3. Ship and wear
    Ship the dosimeters for wearing by the end users.
  4. Reception at the laboratory
    Scan your dosimeters when back in the lab.
  5. Dosimeter disassembly
    Manual disassembly of dosimeters.
  6. Insert MP7 in slide and case with MP7 sensor loader.
  7. Reading
    Load the slide in magazine using OSLR for reading.
  8. MP7sensor disassembly
    Remove MP7 from slide and case.
  9. Bleaching
    Use tabletop MP7 OSL bleacher.

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