OSl dosimetry

Dosimetry solutions

LANDAUER provides flexible dosimetry solutions. You may choose:

  • LANDAUER’s complete, full service option which includes dosimeters, analysis, reporting and record keeping,
  • Purchase and operate your own dosimetry equipment to allow in-house dose reading and processing, utilizing Landauer equipment. Outsourcing LANDAUER extremity, lens of eye or neutron dosimetry services is still an option

OSL is ideal for small laboratories and hospitals processing dosimeters in-house to full service dosimetry laboratories providing personnel services throughout the world.

Global dosimetry solution

OSL crystal
Crystal production

Flexible dosimetry solution

LANDAUER exclusively manufactures OSL aluminum oxide (Al2O3:C) crystals using a proprietary process. High purity aluminum oxide is melted at high temperatures and recrystallized in order to introduce Carbon dopants and oxygen vacancies. The dopants and vacancies dictate the OSL properties of the radiation sensitive Al2O3. LANDAUER uses custom designed furnaces to precisely control the process necessary to produce aluminum oxide crystals for radiation measurement.

LANDAUER’s proprietary method of manufacturing creates a variety of crystal configurations and provides a platform from which many detectors can be produced.

The manufacturing process allows the crystals to be grown into various shapes depending on the intended applications.

OSL aluminum oxide technology has critical advantages over thermo-luminescence (TLD) one such as:

  • Environmental integrity: not affected by heat, humidity, or chemical solvents.
  • High Sensitivity: measuring very low doses.
  • Wide dynamic dose range: 6-7 orders of magnitude

Dosimeter manufacture

LANDAUER dosimeters proposes several types of dosimeters depending on the applications. INLIGHT dosimeters are the most common one.

The dosimeters are manufactured and quality checked in LANDAUER factory.

INLIGHT dosimeters can be used and easily customized for personnel monitoring, area monitoring, emergency response or other specialized service.

Dosimeters identification is made easy with the labels and barcode supplied.

Sensitivity is traceable from detector serial number.

Dosimeter for a global dosimetry solution

dosimetry laboratory
Reader manufacture

The different OSL readers are designed by LANDAUER.

OSL aluminum oxide technology benefits the following advantages:

  • All optical vs TLD which required heating and cooling
  • Precise delivery of stimulation energy (energy, spatial & time precision). Accuracy better than +/- 5%
  • Fast and quasi “Real-time” readout
  • Non-destructive readout allowing dose re-read, repeatable and independent readouts
  • Archiving: OSL detector can be archived for rereading and dose confirmation

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Set up and operation

INLIGHT dosimetry monitoring system are simple to set up and to operate. The design has been improved regularly based on our experience operating our own accredited laboratories with the goal to improve accuracy, reliability and productivity.

Setting up and operating a dosimetry laboratory, it offers the following benefits:

High sensitivity minimizing the stimulation: the optical stimulation keeps more than 99 % of the information. The non destructive readout process of OSL Al2O3:C detector enables dosimeters to be archived and allows multiple reading in case of dose investigation. The detectors can be reused several years.

  • No heat induced artifacts causing false readings
  • No glow curves to monitor and interpret
  • No gas tanks or bottle is required to source and replace. The readers can be easily moved in the laboratory
  • No annealing oven, nor irradiator
  • Less complicated equipment
    • Reduced maintenance: High quality components are used for durability and to insure repetitive and long-term performances. All important components are automatically and periodically checked with built in QC procedures.
    • Simple calibration and operational processes using the delivered calibration and QC kits
  • Faster throughput, 300 dosimeters/hour compared to 150 dosimeters/hour typically with a TLD system reducing the number of readers to be purchased.
  • Scalability: Four OLSR readers are proposed to adapt to the number of workers being monitored in your lab. Upgrading loader capacity to OSLR50, 250 or 700 versions is designed to be simple. For small laboratory, the OSLR1 manual reader can also be used.


Daily accompaniment by LANDAUERWith 200 laboratories using InLight technology worlwide, LANDAUER has built a strong experience supporting his customers.

Our engineers benefit the experience acquired by LANDAUER operating its own dosimetry laboratories.

Our technology evolves with the release of new regulation and new standards. We participate in the committees elaborating the new release of IEC and ISO standards.

To support our customers during laboratory equipment lifetime, LANDAUER proposes them the typical following maintenance contract:

  • Yearly preventive maintenance on site
  • Telephone support/Hotline
  • Corrective maintenance including spare parts delivery, on site or factory repair, software update,
  • Warranty
  • Training
  • ISO 17025 accreditation support